Online Payment System

Mutiple payment options available to integrate into your website

AMISS pushing easy-to-use online payment processing systems that can handle credit or debit card transactions, bank transfers with real-time orders. Process and Service that automates payment transactions between the customer and merchant usually that service is actually a system of processes that process, verify, and accept or decline transactions.

Payment Integration

Pushing easy-to-use online payment processing systems

Optimize business performance through technology

Development Process
Improve design, productivity and project management

  1. Discover

    • Requirement gathering
    • Timeline planning
  2. UI/UX Design

    • Wireframe Designing
    • Prototyping
  3. Development

    • Technology selection
    • Integrations agile development in action
  4. Quality Assurance

    • Manual testing
    • Automation testing
  5. Deployment

    • Application handover
    • Marketplace launches

    Our Service not ends at Deployment, We continue to Support & Maintenance

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